I’ve been making money from online surveys for a few years now and in that time I have experienced things that have worked, and things that haven’t.

Therefore, I have compiled my personal list of the very best paid survey websites I have found, that I currently use. In descending order, I’ve mostly focused my attention on finding sites that will reward you the most money for your time.

The majority of these websites are UK based. For this reason, you will need to check if you can become a member depending on which country you reside in.



9. Viewsbank

This company has been around since 2003. As a matter of fact, this panel has an active community of people who you can meet and talk to.

There is no need to click a button to prompt a payout as it will always be sent to your PayPal account automatically. You will normally be compensated with a smaller reward if you are ever screened out of an assignment. It’s possible to also earn extra money through answering trending and admin polls.

However, there is the opportunity to create a poll of your very own too. If you’re lucky enough for your poll to trend then you will receive £10 for your efforts.

Another outlet for income is the referral program that they run. All you have to do is send the referral link to your friends to click. You could make between 10p-£5 for each friend that signs up and participates.

Not only this, but occasionally they display research projects and mystery shopping assignments which offer even higher rewards.


Pay – 40p for a 5 minute survey (approx. £4 per hour)

Rewards – PayPal only

Minimum Payout – £12

Frequency of work – a few surveys per month


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8. YouGov

There is a sign up bonus of £1 up for grabs when you register. If you take advantage of the referral link you will also earn £2 for each person referred. Although, they will need to sign up and then complete 6 surveys before this can happens.

The glaring advantage of this site is that you will never be screened out of a survey (we all know how annoying that is). In addition, it’s the only survey site I can think of that has this feature.

Almost all of the surveys are between 5-10 minutes long. Sometimes the results of surveys and polls are published in national newspapers so look out for that.

Just to clarify, you need to be over 16 in order to participate. In some ways it is sort of like a social media website. This is because you can follow people and other people can also follow you. There is also an app available for mobile and tablet users.

If you really want to, you can use the points that you accumulate to enter a prize draw. You would then have the chance to win a top prize of £2,000.

In my opinion, I don’t think this is worth doing. For instance, I would rather build up my points to withdraw guaranteed cash rather than gambling on something I would have a slim chance of winning anyway. However, this is entirely your decision.


Pay – 50p for a 10 minute survey (approx. £3 per hour)

Rewards – Bank transfer

Minimum Payout – £50

Frequency of work – a few times per week


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7. MintVine

You will get plenty of surveys by email. Although, if you are at a loose end then MintVine has features called ‘survey street’, ‘points place’ and ‘rewards road’. These provide a constant supply of surveys where there normally wouldn’t be.

MintVine will reward you with 200 points just for registering. You will usually be compensated with a small amount of consolation money for trying. Usually, around 1-5p if you get screened out.

Also, they run a daily poll which rewards you with around 5p for each answer. You will earn 25 bonus points if you complete a streak of 10 consecutive polls.

They will give you points for downloading or signing up to different brands on their offer wall. Some of these are free trails too so it could be worth your time.

They go above and beyond with their referral programme. You will make 50 points when each of your referred friends completes their first survey. Not only this, but you will also earn 15% of every survey and offer they ever complete.

You can post the invitation link wherever you please, this includes email, blogs/websites and social media.

Your completed surveys will be classified as ‘pending’ until they can properly review for quality. Moreover, they will then be labelled ‘approved’ or ‘rejected’ afterwards.

This is an American site so the currency will be shown in US dollars. Then it will be converted into the relevant currency through PayPal after you cash out.

If you want to interact with other members then MintVine has forums for that very purpose. You should be able to get help there if you are struggling.

This panel has a solid 4 star rating on trustpilot which is encouraging.


Pay – Varies

Rewards – PayPal, gift cards/vouchers

Minimum Payout – $10

Frequency of work – Daily


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6. NewVista

This is a very good website which I recently found. Not to mention it fell under my radar for a long time for some reason but I’m glad I discovered it.

It is required that you are aged 16 or over and a UK citizen in order to join.

You might notice that some of your surveys aren’t being recorded as complete after you finish them. Don’t worry about this because there is a delay with certain surveys. Your points balance will usually be manually adjusted at the end of each month. If you notice a sudden surge of points then this is why.

If you get screened out of a survey then you will be pre-entered in to a competition to win one of two £250 prizes.

In addition, it will normally be confirmed by email if you have won and you will receive your reward by check. You can also check who the winners are on their social media accounts and on the main website too. Tony Robbins’ Unshakeable: Your Financial Freedom Playbook

This panel will welcome you generously by giving you a £5 bonus just for signing up. Once you pass the payment threshold, your £50 check will be sent to your home address at the end of the month without having to do anything.


Pay – 50p for a 5 minute survey (approx. £4 per hour)

Rewards – PayPal only

Minimum Payout – £50

Frequency of work – Almost daily except for most weekends


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5. SurveyBods

You can influence the choices of organisations and brands with this panel. They work alongside companies such as HELLO!, Nickelodeon, jet2, NSPCC, mailonline and MTV.

In a lot of ways, SurveyBods is very similar to Panelbase but with less survey invites sadly.

Every month, members who are active will be entered in to a prize draw. Additionally, you will be invited to online community activities which reap even bigger rewards if you participate.

The most popular payment method is bank transfer which can take anywhere between 2 and 3 weeks to complete.

One unique aspect is the fact that they will incentivize you for completing profiler surveys which other panels wouldn’t normally do. Profile surveys like this just tell the panel about you personally so they know which surveys to invite you to. This is a really simple way to make quick points.

They will choose to reward loyal members with statuses including bronze, silver, gold, platinum and diamond. These are all dependent on how many surveys you complete which is a nice little touch.

SurveyBods also has a strike system which means that if you break the rules 3 times then you will be suspended or may be even unsubscribed completely.


Pay – 40p for a 5 minute survey (approx. £4 per hour)

Rewards – PayPal, vouchers/gift cards

Minimum Payout – £15

Frequency of work – Weekly


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4. Panelbase

This is a very decent survey site which offers a wide range of surveys of varying lengths on a regular basis.

There are many ways you can take surveys with panelbase. You can do this through focus groups, phone, text, mail and email.

Surveys that you complete are classified as ‘pending’ before the panelbase team reviews them one by one.  Learn the secrets to true wealth, abundance and financial freedom at TonyRobbins.com.

You will get a £3 sign up bonus right after you join. Correspondingly, it has a referral and affiliate program if you’re looking for an extra stream of income from them. This works by emailing your friends and then they will need to click the link. You will make 20p each time one of your friends signs ups.

If you get the opportunity to do a telephone survey then this usually takes up to 10 minutes to complete. These are normally higher paying than the standard internet surveys. The panel’s very own professional researchers will conduct the phone interview.

Sometimes they will play an audio file over the phone line for you to listen to as part of the survey. Then you will review what you’ve heard and answer follow-up questions.

The SMS surveys will be short and will only consist of a smattering of questions. You don’t have to worry about any expenses as sending and receiving these texts won’t cost you a penny. The panel won’t send you spam messages either as a result of taking part.

They will usually arrange focus group sessions within hotels or similar locations. They should be over and done with in under an hour and half. Panelbase will reward with £20-50 for taking part and there may also be food and drink available at the venue.

You will have to go to a venue for product tests just like focus groups. Product testing will take 15-60 minutes and you will earn £2-20.

Postal surveys are simple to complete. They will mail it to you to fill in and you return it in the pre-paid envelope that they will provide. Like I said, it won’t cost you a thing to mail it back. Don’t take too long as there is usually a deadline for returns.

Panelbase is part of Dipstick Research Limited which made its start all the way back in 1997. This panel is only available to UK citizens as it stands and you have to be 16 years or older to register. Your input will influence organisations such as Virgin, BBC, Marks & Spencers, ITV and so on.

The monthly prize draw comprises of a variety of cash prizes and other goods. You will earn an entry into the competition every time the panel screens you out of a survey. They also grant you entry by participating in the mini polls.

There is a page on the website to check to see if you are a winner or not. Although, they will get in touch directly if you have won anyway.

If trust is a concern for you then it should  reassure you to know about their impressive rating on trustpilot. In addition, they stick closely to the MRS code of conduct and the Data Protection Act 1998.


Pay – 40p for a 5 minute survey (approx. £4 per hour)

Rewards – BACS, vouchers/gift cards, charity

Minimum Payout – £10

Frequency of work – Almost daily except for most weekends


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3. OnePoll

This site isn’t the best for big rewards. Although, to make up for that it offers quick, easy and fun surveys that you can complete almost everyday. The pay can range anywhere from 10p – 50p per survey.

On the contrary, it may take you a while until you can withdraw considering how low the survey rewards are but it is worth it.

This panel is associated with organisations such as TSB, Nationwide, ITV, COW, The Co-operative, Waitrose, DogsTrust, AXA, Travelodge, Vodafone, Sky, RBS, AOL and many more.

To give you a head start, you the panel will give you a £2.50 incentive just for signing up. You also have the chance to refer people by email as an extra earner. They will reward you 50p per person you successfully refer.

When that person reaches £20 then you will earn an extra £1. Furthermore, when that person goes even further and accumulates £40, then you will make £2.50 extra.


Pay – 10p for a 1 minute survey (approx. £6 per hour)

Rewards – PayPal, BACS

Minimum Payout – £40

Frequency of work – Daily except for most weekends


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2. Pinecone Research

This site almost made my number one. Although, it is a company that is notoriously difficult to sign up to. They seem to very picky about who they want as members so you may need to wait until someone else invites you to join.

Alternatively, you could search online via forums and sites. You might be lucky enough to find an invitation that way.

Not only is the pay impressive, you also get the opportunity to test and try out free products that they will send to your home address. Moreover, this could be anything from cleaning products to food/drinks.

When you test out a product, you are influencing whether or not it will make it on to the supermarket shelf or not.

This panel is particularly strict about the confidentiality of the products in their surveys. You have to agree to not share information if you want to take part. However, you can let someone help you test some products as long as they are a member of your household.

The majority of these surveys will take 15-20 minutes to complete. The minimum payment threshold is fairly low considering that it should only take you 3 or 4 surveys to reach it. The payment and redemption process will usually each take 3-5 business days on average so be patient.

They will occasionally send you unpaid household question to answers. These are just to keep your information up to date so that they can hopefully send you more paid surveys.

Be very careful that you aren’t inactive for too long. This is because any remaining points that you accumulate will expire after 12 months of no survey activity.


Pay – 300 points/£3 for a 15 minute survey (approx. £9 per hour)

Rewards – PayPal, vouchers/gift cards, catalogue

Minimum Payout – £3

Frequency of work – a few surveys per month


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1. Populus Live

This is the best and highest paying survey site that I have discovered so far. It is consequently my favorite by a country mile.

The generosity of this site is staggering in comparison to most other survey companies apart from Pinecone Research (which I mentioned previously). You will need to be over 16 and a citizen of the UK if you want to join.

Surveys cover all sorts of social issues and your opinions will go towards helping governments and other organisations. The media will also make use of your answers in the form of statistics whether it be in a newspaper or TV show.

You can tell that many people trust the company as there are more than enough positive reviews around. There is even a testimonials section on the website.

Survey rewards range from £1 – £5. Despite this, the only real downside is the fact that you only get a small handful of survey invites each month. It should take you 2-3 months to meet the minimum payout requirement.

If they disqualify you from a survey then you will gain an entry into the monthly prize draw. The reward is a check for £250.

They will only count certain surveys as complete after the survey closes so you might have to wait days, weeks or even months.

The panel will process the checks at the start of each month. You will need to first reach 50 points during the prior month though.


Pay – 1 point/£1 for a 5 minute survey (approx. £9 per hour)

Rewards – Check only

Minimum Payout – £50

Frequency of work – a few surveys per month


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So there you have it. On the whole, can you think of any that I missed? If so, let me know. Please don’t forget to share this with your friends and comment below. Thanks for reading!

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