I personally bought this wired headset when I first started testing websites. You can also use it for other functions such as transcription, music reviewing and some fun online gaming in your down time.



Why should I buy this headset?

I’ve had mine for a while now and haven’t experienced any problems with it whatsoever. This is a surprisingly good headset as a matter of act, considering it costs under £10 including packaging and delivery.

Also, the microphone and sound quality are good for what you are paying for so you are getting great value for money. Not to mention, a bold red and black design too.


cewaal headset headphones audio review


How long will delivery take?

The delivery time is quite lengthy considering that it is being sent from overseas. Although, I didn’t mind this as it arrived in perfect condition within the expected time. The packaging was sturdy and adequate enough too.


What are its functions?

This is a plug and play device so you can pretty much start using it right away after you plug it into the USB port. It also comes with a handy control panel on top of that. Moreover, this allows you to mute (both the microphone and ear pieces independently) and also change the volume easily.

Also, the whole thing is adjustable so you can change the length of the ear pieces and the positioning of the microphone. This is convenient if several people of different head sizes want to use it.

In brief, this is a great first-time headset for someone who is on a budget. It’s also good for anyone who loves a bargain.



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