You will most commonly find captcha when logging into accounts on some websites. It is a screening process for the use of detecting humans from robots to ensure extra security when signing in. Captchas are a good thing because they protect internet users from dangers like hacking.

The good news nonetheless is that they will reward you for each captcha test that you complete correctly.



Which sites will pay me for this?

There are many, many good websites that pay you for doing this, one of the best ones is 2captcha across a wide cross-section of people. As a matter of fact, this is the one that I use the most because it was recommended to me.

What will I have to do?

It could be typing words or selecting matching images. Like I say, some of the tasks are image recognition instead which is just as simple so there is nothing to worry about there. Image recognition involves selecting images of a certain subject in order to prove you’re paying attention.


When can I work?

It’s a very flexible gig. This is a 24/7 job so you are never restricted by time. Work will be available all the time in constant supply so you don’t need to worry about that.



What are the rewards like?

The rewards for doing this aren’t amazing and the work can be quite tedious after a while. Although, it is very easy and something that almost anybody can do to earn a little extra money. Captchas vary in difficulty so they will usually pay you more for the trickier ones.

On average you will earn 50p or over per 1000 captchas. This doesn’t seem much but it can increase based on other factors such as typing speed and a good reputation.

2captcha is quite special compared to others because they reward you for your loyalty. What I mean by this is that the more captchas that you successfully complete, the higher the pay per captcha.

Furthermore, at certain times during the day there is a very high demand for completed captchas (such as the very early hours). In order to remedy this, companies will hike how much they pay you if you choose to work during those particular times.


How does payment work?

Most captcha payment systems work by paying you per 1000 solved captchas. Obviously, the rate per thousand varies between companies. Some sites offer unusual forms of payment like bit coin instead of cash so you will need to check for yourself.


What equipment do I need to take part?

You mainly just need a laptop with a good keyboard. It would be to your benefit to have a fast internet connection because it will mean the next captcha will load up quicker thus slashing work time.

Will I need any special skills?

You don’t particularly need to be that skilled. Although, sharp eyes and good reading abilities are an advantage to solve the tougher ones. Some captchas are indecipherable or too difficult to work out. Occasionally, some are not even captchas at all so you have the options to label or skip these.

This is a simple job that most people are capable of. Most captchas will be in English so you will need to have a good grasp of reading and writing the language.

Being able to type over 30 words per minute would be a big advantage in this line of work. If you can do this then it might be a good fit for you. You will get through more work and in turn earn more money if you can type a high number of words in a short space of time.


Why do they need people like me?

Captcha can’t be solved by computers or automation so that’s where normal people like you come in. You get paid to test out these captchas in order to see if they are up to standard.


What about my reputation?

Your reputation will change as you complete more and more captchas. If you are accurate and do a good job then your reputation will increase and you may be able to earn more money in some cases.


Do I need to be precise?

It is important to be accurate with these captchas. If you aren’t then they could penalize you after they review your completed captchas for quality.

Human error is a fact of life so if you know that you’ve made a mistake by mistyping a certain captcha then don’t worry. You are given some leeway to do this a certain amount of times before action is taken. If you make too many errors then there is a good chance that your account will get suspended.


Will I need to download anything?

Some companies will want you to download software for when you work for them. However, this shouldn’t be too much hassle. Others will just let you solve captchas straight from your browser.


Is there a referral program?

You many earn a percentage cut of other people’s earning if you refer them to the website. Although, not all sites have this feature.


 Any other advice?

Be cautious to take note whether or not a captcha has to be done in capital letters or just in lower case. It does make a difference sometimes and can affect your work.



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